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Satin Bonnet

Reversible Satin Lined Sleeping Cap

Reversible Satin Lined Sleeping Cap

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Afro Unicorn Signature Print Bonnet for Kids + Tweens 

Honor your divine beauty with the Afro Unicorn Reversible Satin Lined Sleeping Cap Salon Bonnet. One side of the sleek satin cap is light pink, and the other side is printed with a rainbow background and Afro Unicorn head icons. The soft, satin material is comfortable and lightweight, and the cap is designed to keep your hair in place while you’re sleeping, doing your makeup, or washing your face. The cap retains moisture and shine, achieving beautiful, healthy hair

Our salon bonnets are ideal for female hair care for both women and children


  • Use while sleeping, doing makeup, washing your face, or showering
  • Featuring a stretch rim cap, one size fits most



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